David & Sue Douglass

7th Oxfordshire Titles & Super Leaque Day

Sunday 21st June 2020
Spiceball Leisure Centre Banbury OX16 2BW
Entries on the Day

Doors Open 9-00am First Rounds 10-00am Large Rectangular Floor


Solo Events


1 SL Juvenile 4 Dance WTFQ S1 U/10s WQ 14 SL 4 Dance CSRJ
2 Open V/W S2 U/12s WQ 15 Open Pd
3 NL All Girls WTQ S3 U/14s WQ 16 NL All Girls CSJ
4 U/11s WT S4 U/16s WQ 17 U/11s CS
5 NL U/10s WQ S5 U/16s T 18 NL U/10s CJ
6 Novice WT S6 U/10s CJ 19 Novice CS
7 Beginners Junior WQ S7 U/12s CJ 20 Beginners Junior CJ
8 SL Junior 5 Dance WTVFQ S8 U/14s SJ 21 SL 5 Dance CSRPJ
9 NL U/14s WTF S9 U/16s CJ 22 Open Pd
10 Open V/W S10 U/16s S 23 NL All Girls CRJ
11 NL All Girls WTQ   24 NL U/14s CRJ
12 Novice WT   25 Novice CR
13 Beginners WQ   26 Beginners CJ
Adult First Round 2-30pm Approx Latin First Round 5-30pm Approx
27 SL Amat 5 Dance WTVFQ       42 SL 5 Dance CSRPJ
28 SL U/21s WTFQ       43 SL U/21s CSRJ
29 SL Sen 1 WTVFQ       44 SL Sen 1 CSRPJ
30 SL Sen 2 WTFQ       45 SL Sen 2 CSRPJ
31 SL Sen 3 WTFQ       46 NL U/35 P/Ch CSJ
32 NL U/35s P/Chp WTQ       47 NL O/35 P/Ch CSR
33 NL O/35s P/Chp WTF       48 NL U/35 Int SRJ
34 NL U/35s Int TFQ       49 NL O/35 Int CRS
35 NL O/35s Int WTF       50 NL U/35 Nov CJ
36 NL U/35s Nov WQ       51 NL O/35 Nov CR
37 NL O/35s Nov TF       52 NL U/35 Beg CJ
38 NL U/35s Beg WQ       53 NL O/35 Beg RC
39 NL O/35s Beg WQ       54 Open R
40 Open F       55 SL O50's CSRPJ
41 SL O 50's WTFQ            
Linda Venables - Monica Needham - Diane Haywood -  Hannah Trevor -  Craig Draper - Martin Cutler
Chairman Mark Lunn

Contact:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel 07752249751 or 01865718948

Music Paul Fielding Scrutineers Alex Dore

Juv / Jun / Spectators £15:00 Adult Competitors £16-00

Directions & Car parking Leave M40 at J11 at 2nd R/Bout turn left (A361)at 1st R/bout you are facing Spiceball
Turn right for car parks DO NOT USE 1st CAR PARK its a short stay at next R/bout 50 yards parking left & right off road and Multi-Story
With footbridge from car parks to Spiceball Leisure Centre

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